72 Miles 4 Freedom- Latin America


I have just got back from Costa Rica on a missions trip and had the opportunity to learn about a skate outreach.  It seems fitting for it to be in Costa Rica since this is my 5th trip back to the beautiful country.  The place where La Carpio skatepark is located is a community of Nicaraguan immigrants.  While we were there police helicopters were overhead scouting the area for crime. However, the skate and soccer fields are a private ministry away from the crime of the streets.   They also offer photography, computer, video editing, and a medical clinic.  The goal is at least $2800 to raise enough funds to bring a team of skaters from the U.S and build new ramps with the local skaters involvement.

This will be the place that 72 Miles for Freedom will focus on as its second ministry to adopt for 2013.  The first focus will continue to be Wellspring Living.  Again the 72 Miles for Freedom fundraiser will be held in March 2013.  We will have an opportunity for you to create a team and fundraising goal for your teams in the coming months.  For example the “Inline Team” the “7.2 walkers team” the “half marathon runners team” “Longboarding team” etc.

Please click on the Contact Page if you would like me to share the vision for 2013 at your group meeting, youth group, church, etc
Stay tuned to this blog and https://twitter.com/72Miles4Freedom for updates!!!


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