72 Miles now in two states! Ohio/GA

72 miles 2013 original small

I am very excited to give you another location that you may participate in 72 Miles for Freedom.


  • REGISTRATION PRICING (Shirt included, Late registrations may have limited sizes)

Early Registration$30-

Late Registration- $40 March 29- April 4

Open until April 4. You may also fund-raise or give to be a sponsor on the T-Shirt and Website.


We will be inline skating cycling, walking, running, long boarding, etc. to raise money for Oasis House in Dayton and build a skate park for Christ for The City International in Costa Rica. This is not a timed race/event. It’s a relaxing group ride.

The full 72 mile ride will start at Eastwood MetroPark Creekside Bike Path go towards BeaverCreek Station, at Xenia Station continue on Ohio-Eerie Trail towards halfway turn around point in South Charleston.

You DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE 72 MILES! For example, you may decide to have a group of 10 walk/run/bike/skate 7.2 miles totaling 72 miles. Another option is to complete 27 miles for the 27 million. It’s up to you how many miles your team completes.

Water, restrooms and Snack Booths will be available at Eastwood MetroPark, Beavercreek Station, Xenia Station, Cedarville, and South Charleston. The bike path averages a 2% grade, which makes it flat most of the way along with the occasional hill. The entire ride is paved.

  • WHY 72 MILES?
  • The mission of 72 Miles for Freedom is to bring awareness and funding to ministries that support the restoration and freedom of people. We will use the event as a platform for others to become involved in a tangible and sacrificial way. Our pain in sport and giving will be for a purpose. To see broken walls rebuilt.

The inspiration came from the Passion City Church Good Friday gathering in 2012. That night we were introduced to Julia Immonen who had just completed rowing a boat across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness for human trafficking. Through my involvement at Passion I have become aware of the 27 million slaves that are in the World today. When Julia started talking about rowing for freedom she said, “You don’t have to row just do what you’re good at.” For me I’m good at inline skating her inspiration put a dream in me to skate for freedom. My first thought was to represent 27 million slaves with a 27 mile group ride, but then God said why don’t you go further? Why not go 72 miles? I knew that if I could skate 10 or 27 miles on my own will that God would give me the strength to train for 72 miles.

Affecting Community Tranformation- AKA “Oasis House” was chosen because they are local to Dayton, Ohio and are in process of building a home for women where restoration will take place. Money will help furnish the new home that will open in June 2013!(Goal $7,200)

Christ for the City International Costa Rica is a skateboard outreach that gives kids a safe place away from drug dealers and gang leaders to skateboard, bmx, play soccer, learn leadership skills , and discipleship. If you choose to donate to this ministry the money will be used to build a new skatepark with the help of the local kids.

(Goal $2,800)

Event schedule and times

Check in- 8:00 A.M

STARTS- 8:30 A.M

Although we will have several people completing separate distances and sports we will not time each event. The Trail has mileage markers that you can track your distances and keep your own time. In doing so we will be able to save more money to donate to the causes.


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