Great job Atlanta Participants!

Together we have raised $2,200 for the Atlanta causes!! The two causes were Wellspring Living and Christ for the City International in Costa Rica.  The March 23rd group ride had 47 people registered and many volunteers and fundraisers involved.  Thank you to Rollerblade and Pinnacle Racing for the main sponsorships and promotion.  The day of the group ride there were storms, but 30 people signed in and picked up T-Shirts.  20 people completed some portion of the 72 miles and some completed the miles on indoor trainers, treadmills or on the Saturday following the event.  I am very thankful for your participation and support.  Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and this blog for more updates and events.  On April 6, 2013 we will have our second 72 Miles for Freedom of the year in Dayton, Ohio.  We are looking forward to providing furniture for the first residential program of Oasis House in Dayton.  This new home is for women who have been rescued from prostitution and human trafficking and will provide a safe place for the women to be restored and grow as women.  The Dayton group ride will also support the ministry of Christ for the City International in Costa Rica.  The outreach in Costa Rica is about prevention.  The neighborhood is an immigrant community that has been in a uphill battle for years.  The teens growing up  in La Carpio are targeted by gang leaders and pimps who are looking to make money off teens and children that are looking to survive the streets.  The skateboard and soccer park is a private gated facility  that uses sport as a way to keep the kids off the streets.  As the kids come into the sports program they learn leadership skills and receive mentoring.  What an honor and privilege we have to help prevent someone from becoming a victim or from being groomed to be a prostitute or pimp.  The money that we are raising for Christ for the City will be used to update the existing skatepark.  We are looking to host a skateboard competition that will invite the surrounding community and give the kids prizes.

Stay tuned for the next blog Monday Night that will have the Dayton, Ohio April 6th Logistics!


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