Spring is Coming!

We are gearing up for two spring events to bring awareness and funding to Wellspring Living and Oasis House. One volunteer has even created a Facebook Event page for her birthday to support Miles for Freedom cause in Dayton! Together we can make a difference to the individuals we are fighting for. Sex trafficking is a darkness that must be prayed against and have people like you that are fighting with talent and money.

A story I read recently is hard to type because it is so disgusting and graphic. However, I must make you aware so that our disgust will turn to action.

This women was taken by a pimp and forced into servicing 10-20 men and women a night. That is bad enough, but when she tried to escape she was rapped with a hot curling iron. It saddens my heart to hear this. I can’t imagine how many counseling sessions she must go to now that she has escaped. What do her prayers sound like as she weeps to God? How many times will she have to visit the doctor for updates and check ups? How many loving social workers will it take to tell her she is worthy before she believes it for herself? How many bus passes will it take for job interviews before she is hired?

That is why recovery cost money after the rescue. If you were to meet “Amanda” face to face and hear her struggle would you pay towards a doctors bill or bus pass? Would you pay for a counseling session? I know we all need money, but I plea with you to help fund and pray for the “Amanda’s” and “Jamal’s” that are in recovery.

You may give to Wellspring and Oasis at Donation link. Please type Wellspring Living in the comments if you want donation to go there. Thank you for your genorisity and prayers.

Our goal is $5,000 for Wellspring and $10,000 for Oasis House.

We have many new sponsors! Checkout a preview of the back of our shirt with current Sponsors.


Registration links:

Registration for Atlanta Here

Registration for Dayton Here

Facebook Event Pages Here

We will post Atlanta LOGISTICS page by April 5th. Thank you for spreading this post and registration links.


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