MFF Dayton Year End Update

Restored Sleep
Restored Sleep

Great job Dayton participants!  On October 3-4 Miles for Freedom hosted its second fundraiser of the year to support Oasis House. The goal for Dayton was to raise $10,000 with the Spring and Fall events.  I am excited to to tell you that we have raised $7,900 to help make a house a home. (Pictures at very bottom) Even though this is short of the goal we have reached more people than ever with the awareness campaign of Miles for Freedom.  We had 115 registrations for the year and 40 volunteers that served countless hours.  According to our Facebook page statistics we had several individual post that were viewed around 800 times.  Furthermore, the promotional video reached over 1,700 people and was viewed in full over 500 times in 3 weeks.


The awareness image below reached around 382

1078 children are sex trafficked in Ohio every year.people the first time it was posted on Facebook.  This year we also had our first local news coverage on Fox 45 with Rhonda Moore.  Miles for Freedom was given the opportunity to promote awareness at three events sponsored by Five Rivers MetroPark that reached nearly 25,000 people.  We even handed out 1,000 fliers with the awareness campaign on it to the runners at the Lou Cox 5k at UD Arena.

Even with all the exciting numbers above we know that freedom of the mind, body, and spirit cannot be measured with a number. There are lives involved. Real people who want to be rescued and restored.

I read a story about a girl named Amanda (Name protected) that is hard to type because it is so disgusting and graphic. However, I must make you aware so that our disgust will turn to action.

Amanda was taken by a pimp and forced into servicing 10-20 men and women a night. When she tried to escape she was rapped with a curling iron and told never to disobey.  It saddens my heart to hear this about her history. Thankfully, by the grace of God she was able to find help and has been freed from her captor.  I can’t imagine how many counseling sessions she must go to now that she has escaped. What do her prayers sound like as she weeps to God? How many times will she have to visit the doctor for updates and check ups? How many loving social workers will it take to tell her she is worthy before she believes it for herself? How many bus passes will it take for job interviews before she is hired?

That is why we set goals for raising money.  Many services are donated, but most take financial giving to bring restoration.  If you were to meet Amanda face to face and hear her struggle would you pay towards a doctors bill, counseling session or monthly bus pass?  I know you will continue to help fund and pray for the Amanda’s that are in recovery and/or are waiting to be set free.

Once again I want to thank you for what we have already accomplished this year.  Our pain in sport is for a purpose, to see broken walls rebuilt.

Miles for Freedom is looking forward to 2015!  We are getting dates ready for SPRING AND FALL fundraisers in Dayton, OH. Subscribe to this website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

2015 plans for Atlanta Spring event are still in the works.

Checkout a few of the picture of the new Morris Furniture you helped provide by supporting Dayton MFF events!!

Here are the pictures for the year that were posted on social media.


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