New Miles for Freedom Podcast Now Live

Miles for Freedom Podcast is now Live

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The Miles for Freedom podcast brings adventure, sport, and awareness to see people freed from slavery. In a world where 27 million people are trapped in human trafficking we want to bring a series of interviews that will inform, inspire, and influence you to move for freedom.

We will inform you with stories from freedom fighters who are leading movements and organizations. Stories like that of Cheryl Oliver who left the finance world to help free women from the sex industry in Dayton, Ohio. This podcast will bring inspiration from people like Julia Immonen who have used sport and adventure to fight trafficking. Most importantly this series will influence you to ask the question “How can I move for freedom?”

EPISODE 3: Prevention in Costa Rica

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Our guests today is, Rick Bell, of Carpio Breakthrough. This group is using skateboarding to prevent human trafficking in La Carpio, Costa Rica. They have brought skateboards and added on to a skate park ministry of Christ for the City International in Costa Rica to help kids have a safe place to play and be mentored. My hope is that this interview will allow you to dream of ways you can use your talents and skills to influence others to move for freedom. Rick uses skateboarding to help others, but I hope that you will use what you are good at to fight this injustice. As you listen to todays episode make sure you find Rick on and You can also find us on Facebook, intstagram and twitter using @milesforfreedom Thank you for joining us and we will see you in December with the next episode.


Today we will interview Daniel Lemke who is the founder of Break The Cycle. The nonprofit is raising awareness of mondern day slavery, specifically Sex Trafficking in America. One of the ways they are doing this is with a cycling tour around the United States called “Bike Through Traffic.” Daniel started cycling from Colorado in April of 2015 and will complete the awareness campaign after 12,000 miles of riding on July 16, 2016. Along the way he will be speaking at mens groups, churches, schools, youth groups, and other venues. He plans to ride 50 miles a day, burning 3000 to 5000 calaries each day! At the time of this interview Daniel was traveling north from Naples, Florida to Atlanta. As you will hear in the interview one of the most important principals of launching a new non-profit is knowing your “Why?” Knowing why your are doing something that seems impossilbe to others is the difference between a dream that succeeds and a dream that fails. Throughout today’s conversation you will understand why it is so important to Daniel that he keeps pedaling. My hope is that his inspiration will inspire you to move for freedom. While you are listening make sure you subscribe to this podcast and find @BikeThroughTraffic on social media and at


This episode will introduce you to Miles for Freedom with an interview of your host and founder of MFF Gentry Darby. My hope is that you will learn how we got started, come to our group ride on October 3, 2015 in Dayton, OH and begin to ask yourself what you can do to fight human trafficking.

Episode 1 will also tell you how often we will post interviews and give you a glimpse of upcoming episodes.

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To view future episodes and to subscribe to our podcast visit our podcast page on Podomatic.


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